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Wing-N-Wave's Letter to the Doris Day Animal League Regarding the DDAL Petition to the Animal and Plant Inspection Service of the USDA


August 10, 1998

Dear Doris Day Animal League,

I am writing in response to your litigation concerning the USDA and its action to regulate Puppy Mills. Although I stand in support of many of your efforts to ensure the protection and quality of life of animals, my opinion on your present stand and involvement in the USDA issue is that your action will result in more harm than good. My reasons for stating this appear below and more detailed in the attached letter which I have forwarded to APHIS.

Currently, the best recourse against Puppy Mills, Pet Retail Stores, and breeders who contribute to these establishments is buyer-education and awareness. What your group fails to recognize is that one of the main sources of that education comes through private/hobby breeders and dog enthusiasts, many of which are small kennels and show and trial breeders who are first, and foremost educated, knowledgeable pet owners. In your attempt to restrict puppy mill breeding, you are instead targeting these private/hobby breeders through an ill-conceived plan to assess risk as a factor of "number of breeding females." Through elimination of this group, you are, in fact, providing a better opportunity for pet retail stores to prosper: establishments which, for the reasons stated in my letter to APHIS, are the main contributors to irresponsible breeding practices, the dog overpopulation crisis, and pet homelessness.

I am, therefore, presenting to you a counter-argument for reassessing the terms of your litigation. For years, private/hobby breeders have been striving to educate the public pet buyer to stay away from "commercial retail pet stores." This comes not because we seek to profit (indeed, many of us lose more money during the course of our breeding programs), but rather to ensure breeder and pet owner responsibility. In light of the common goals, it would be more advantageous for DDAL and private/hobby breeders to unite in these efforts.

For further information, please visit my web site (address below). Should you have questions, please feel free to contact me.


Pamela A. Davol
(Wing-N-Wave Labradors)

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