January 2002

Dear Visitor,

At this time, due to increased family and professional commitments and the ever increasing load of e-mail generated by this web site, I am unable to respond to every e-mail sent to me.  In the past months I have attempted to triage inquiries based upon their medical urgency, with cancer-related inquiries and other immediate life-threatening health issues (regarding information for therapeutic options) receiving priority. The amount of time required to respond to each of these unique inquiries combined with the dramatic increase in the number of these specific inquiries over the past 6 months, however, has led me to triage even these subcategories. Regrettably, there is just not enough hours in a day to respond to so many important inquiries.  I, therefore, must limit my responses to only a few e-mails received on a per day basis. Cancer-related inquiries and other health-related inquiries will continue to receive highest priority. Please note, however, that any information provided should be viewed as supplementary educational information and should not be sought in lieu of professional medical care. Therefore, in cases of illness or emergency, always seek immediate medical attention for your dog from a veterinarian. If you submit an inquiry and do not receive a response within 7 days you are welcomed to resubmit the inquiry (in fact, you are encouraged to do so since with the current state of my mailbox, it is not uncommon for e-mails to be overlooked).

For additional information on canine health and other issues, I encourage you to make use of the provided informational links included at the end of many of my articles. If you are searching for a puppy or an adult dog, I do not currently have any litters available and I am not accepting reservations at this time for upcoming litters. I have provided links to several breeder/rescue listings on my Litter Announcements Page for your convenience in locating a breeder or local rescue agency.

As always, thank you for your interest in Wing-N-Wave.


Pam D.
e-mail: pdavol@labbies.com

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