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2002 Litter Announcements

Dear Prospective Puppy Owner,

Currently, Wing-N-Wave does not have any litters available and is not taking reservations for upcoming litters at this time.  Please visit the following on-line breeder directories:

National Labrador Retriever Club Breeder Directory (refer to the "Breeder Information Page")
InfoDog Breeder Directory
K9 Web Labrador Breeder Directory
Hoflin Publishing Labrador Breeder Directory
World Class Dogs Labrador Breeder Directory
Jill Ickowski's (formerly Ron Shock's) Labrador Breeder Directory

or for a list of Lab Rescues in your area:

Labrador Retriever Rescue Contacts

In your search for a Labrador companion, my best advice is to speak with as many breeders as possible. In this way, you will come to recognize those individuals who are both educated and responsible, as well as intent upon finding the best possible home for their puppies. Prior to looking at litters, it is best, when possible, to visit with the breeder and meet his/her dogs. Since many of us have several generations from a particular bloodline, meeting the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, uncle, etc. of the expected puppy will give one a good indication of what one may expect in terms of temperament and appearance of a puppy produced from these bloodlines. Additionally, although many of us do not have the sire on the premises, most dedicated breeders will have photographs, certification numbers and/or ratings (hips, eyes, elbows), and history of the sire readily available.

Should you have further questions or require further assistance, please feel free to e-mail me.

Best wishes in your search for a companion dog,

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