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Wing-N-Wave Labradors


Breed ________Labrador Retriever___________
AKC Litter Number _________________ AKC Registration Number _____________________
Date Whelped _______________ Sex __________________ Color ______________________
Sire ______________________________________________ Sire AKC #__________________
Dam _____________________________________________ Dam AKC # _________________
Breeder ______Pamela A. Davol, 76 Mildred Ave., Swansea, MA 02777-1620__________
New Owner ____________________________Date Purchased ________ Price Paid _________

The new owner (named above) has purchased the described dog from Wing-N-Wave and is eligible for "Partial Reimbursement" of the Price Paid of said dog under the following terms and conditions.

Wing-N-Wave General Terms and Conditions for Partial Reimbursement

  1. The above dog must be spayed/neutered within one year of the purchase date.
  2. Wing-N-Wave must receive a copy of the spay/neuter certificate signed by the licensed veterinarian who has performed the surgery along with a copy of the itemized surgery bill.
  3. Wing-N-Wave will reimburse either 20% of the above price paid or the cost of the surgery (procedure + anesthesia), whichever is less. Reimbursement is limited to surgical procedure and anesthesia, and Wing-N-Wave will not consider additional costs such as pre-surgical consultation/exam, medication, follow-up care, etc. when determining reimbursement amount.
  4. This contract becomes void if the above described dog is bred prior to spaying/neutering.
  5. This contract is not transferable and becomes void if the above dog is sold or placed with another owner.

I, the undersigned, understand and accept the terms and conditions presented here for Partial Reimbursement under the Spay/Neuter Contract:

(signature of purchaser) (date)
(signature of breeder) (date)

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'