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Breed ________Labrador Retriever___________
AKC Litter Number _________________ AKC Registration Number _____________________
Date Whelped _______________ Sex __________________ Color ______________________
Sire ______________________________________________ Sire AKC #__________________
Dam _____________________________________________ Dam AKC # _________________
Breeder ______Pamela A. Davol, 76 Mildred Ave., Swansea, MA 02777-1620__________
Litter Owner ___________________Pamela A. Davol___________________________

The dog described above has been purchased from the litter owner under agreement and understanding that said dog is eligible only for "Limited Registration" as described on the preceding page and according to Chapter 3, Section 4A of the American Kennel Club's Rules Applying to Registration & Discipline. Under provisions of the AKC, the litter owner may under the following terms and conditions remove the limited designation.

Wing-N-Wave General Terms and Conditions for Change to AKC Full Registration Status

  1. The above dog must apply for and receive number certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to be clear of hip dysplasia with a rating of excellent, good, or fair hip joint conformation.
  2. The above dog must apply for and receive number certification from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to be clear of elbow dysplasia.
  3. The above dog must be examined and certified by a board certified member of the American College of Veterinary Opthamologists (ACVO) to be clear of eye defects (including but not limited to retinal dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, or cataracts)
  4. The owner of the above dog must obtain a letter from his/her veterinarian stating that the dog has not been diagnosed or treated for a defect of a hereditary nature (including but not limited to diabetes, thyroid disease, autoimmune disease, epilepsy or heart disease)
  5. The owner must present a history of vaccine schedule for the above dog.
  6. The above dog must be a minimum of 24 months of age and a maximum of 48 months of age.
  7. Copies of the above documentation along with a request for reversal of limited registration and the current fee for application processing (made payable to the American Kennel Club) must be sent to Wing-N-Wave.
  8. If the above dog is either mis-bred or purposely bred prior to applying for full registration, the litter owner has the option to refuse granting full registration status.

I, the undersigned, agree to purchasing this dog under the terms of Limited Registration and understand and accept the terms and conditions presented here for change to AKC full registration status:

(signature of purchaser) (date)
(signature of breeder) (date)

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'Copyright 1997 Pamela A. Davol'