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Pamela A. Davol, 76 Mildred Avenue, Swansea, MA  02777-1620.

Dear Prospective Puppy Owner,

Thank you for your interest in Wing-N-Wave. I have enclosed information along with some reading material to better acquaint you with the breed and the goals of Wing-N-Wave. If at any time you have any questions, whether directed to the breeding program or simply general inquiries, I hope you will feel comfortable to call on me. A new puppy will hopefully be a long-time companion for you and your family, it is important that the experience be a good one.

Breeding at Wing-N-Wave is done on a limited basis (an average of one litter/year). One advantage of breeding on a small scale is that I have an opportunity to develop a good rapport with each new puppy owner. Additionally, because my bitches are bred only once or twice in their lifetime, usually to provide me with the next-generation, the prospective puppy owner may be assured that each time I breed I am seeking the most outstanding specimens of the breed to sire the continuation of the Wing-N-Wave bloodlines. Should you be interested in acquiring a puppy from a future litter, please notify me so that I can place your name on the waiting list for prospective owners. There is no obligation for an individual to be placed on the list. Once the litter has been whelped, the prospective owners on the list are contacted and, at that point, may place a deposit on a puppy if they are still interested. Price of black puppies and yellow puppies are dependent upon the stud fee which currently ranges from $600 to $700 for show or field champion males. All puppies will receive their 6 wk (DA2PP + CVK) and 8 wk (DA2PP + CVK- booster) vaccines, and have eyes examined and cleared by an ACVO opthamologist, (see health warranty and contracts). For more information on current or upcoming litters please refer to Litter Announcements.

Although I breed to champion individuals, both field and show, when I am choosing stud candidates for breeding my foremost concern is temperament followed by structural complementation. Because my Labs are part of the family and spend much time in our company and because my puppies usually go to "pet" homes (show and field enthusiasts only comprise about 5% of the owner population), I have leaned towards breeding a more calm and gentle line while attempting to preserve the versatile nature of the Lab: working ability, pleasing appearance, and loving companion. It was for this reason that it originally took me several years to choose the right combination of bloodlines for acquiring a foundation bitch. Sunnyburke Wing-N-Wave ("Mig"), sired by the 1986 National Field Champion, had the dual bloodlines which I sought. My own preference for the "English type" (i.e. stocky, short-coupled, broad head, short muzzle and the wonderful laid-back English temperament) has led me to select sires which will propagate these traits. Wing-N-Wave has produced dogs and bitches currently competing in bench and obedience, as well as serving as hunting retrievers and family companions.

In your search for a prospective puppy, you will find that breeders differ in their prices, warranties, etc., I encourage you to discuss the terms of sale to your satisfaction. Labradors, not unlike many other popular breeds, have certain hereditary disorders (hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and epilepsy-- just to name a few) for which responsible breeders should be screening and eliminating from their breeding stock. It is my hope that the information I have included on this web site may answer some of your questions and help you in selecting a reliable breeder.

Best wishes in your search for a companion dog,

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