all labs nibble... (by Carolyn Norton-Smith, 3/22/99)



all labs nibble,

oh yes they do.


my labs nibble,

they'd nibble you.


they nibble your ankles

slung over a chair


they'll nibble a sneaker,

when no one is there.


they nibble on twigs,

blades of grass and such,


it really doesn't matter

should you not care for it much.


they'll nibble your cheeks

and call it a kiss,


they'll sample your kneecaps

and do it with bliss.


it wouldn't take much

to nibble your toes,


but gratefully slippers and socks

and shoes cover those.


they lick with abandon

and maneuver with twists,


they especially nibble digits,

that hang from your wrists.


never are they distant

and seldom are they down,


they follow along gladly,

yellow, black and chocolate brown.


my labs nibble - how about yours...


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