The following slide show was presented at the
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels of the Northeast Specialty Show on June 13, 2003

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List of Topics Discussed in Slide Presentation (78 Slides):
Nutritional Requirements of the Dog
Factors Affecting the Dietary Needs of Dogs
Stages of the Life Cycle
Determining Nutritional Requirements of the Dog
Determining Metabolizable Energy in Dog Foods
Comparison of ME Values in some Dog Food Brands
Average Daily Calories Required by Pregnant and Lactating Bitches

Protein Requirements
Fat Requirements
Vitamin Requirements
Mineral Requirements
Evaluating Nutritional Quality
AAFCO’s Requirements for "Natural Diet"
The Limitations of Homemade Diets
The Dangers of Nutritional Deficiencies
The Dangers of Overnutrition

Nutrition and Disease:

Nutritional Management in the Heart Patient

Nutrition and the Allergic Patient

  • Nutrition and Atopy
  • Immunologic Reactions to Food
  • Non-immunologic reactions to food
  • Elimination Diets for Determining Adverse Food Reactions
  • Nutritional Management of Liver Disease

    Nutrition and Renal Disease

    Nutrition and Seizures: Is there a connection?

    Summary Slides

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